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BBFC - British Board of Film Classification 

U - A U film should be suitable for audiences aged four years and over

PG - Parental Guidance - some scenes may be unsuitable for some children. Unaccompanied children of any age may watch. A PG film should not disturb a child aged around eight or older. However, parents are advised to consider whether the content may upset younger or more sensitive children

12A - No-one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult.

15 - No-one younger than 15 may see a 15 film in a cinema

18 - No-one younger than 18 may see an 18 film in a cinema.

Family Films Coming Soon or Now Showing

  • U Despicable Me 2  - June
    Steve Carrell, Al Pacino and the rest of the Despicable Me crew return for another block buster family movie. Evil Gru and his little yellow minnions (who rumour as it are actually getting their own movie) return to fight an even more villainious villain. Kids animated film.
  • 12A Man of Steel  - June
    Superman returns and this time we get the back story of what really happened on the planet Krypton. 
  • 12A After Earth - June
    Everyone's favourite actor Will Smith stars in this epic family movie, with his son Jaden who do battle with the elements in this sci-fi drama..
  • 12A Iron Man 3 - May
    Robert Downy Jr returns for the third time with the popular Iron Man, this time with Gwyneth Paltrow as his love interest and Ben Kingsely as the dastardly Manderin.
  • U All Stars - May
    Feel good family film as a group of teenagers try to save their youth club by putting on a talent show before the demoliton men move in.
  • U The Odd Life of Timothy Green - May
    A charming story of how Timothy Green enters a childless couples' life after they've written down all the traits that they would have loved in a son or daughter and buried it in the garden.
  • 12A - Jack the Giant Slayer - March
    The children's favourite fairy story brought bang up to date with fantastic animation. Jack untwittingly unleashes a war between the giants and his existing world.
  • U - The Croods - March
    From Dreamworks an animated comedy adventure set in prehistoric times. When an earthquake strikes the cave dwelling Croods need to find somewhere else to live.
  • PG - Oz The Great and Powerful- March
    For lovers of The Wizard of Oz a prequel that tells the story of The Wizard and how he came to land in Oz. Family film.
  • PG - Wreck  It Ralph - February
    Children's animated film featuring Ralph, with cameos from Pac-Man, Sonic and Bowser. Can the baddie, Ralph, transform into the good guy and save arcade game characters from the advances of a terrifying enemy.
  • U - Parental Guidance - December
    Family film starring favourites Billy Crystal and Bette Midler trying to instill old fashioned grandparent values on 3 unruly grandchildren.
  • PG - Life of Pi - December
    Based on the best selling book, this magical film for kids and families, sees one young boy shipwrecked and adrift on the ocean with only a Bengal Tiger for company.
  • 12A -The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey- December
    The much awaited prequel to the Lord of The Rings featuring many of the same cast, as Bilboa Baggins seeks out The Ring.
  • U - Tinker Bell and the Secret of Wings - December
    A film for little girls everywhere. Perennial favourite Tinker Bell embarks on an adventure to the Mysterious Winter Woods to discover an amazing secret.
  • PG - Rise of the Guardians - November
    Family animation adventure. Santa, Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy must join forces to battle the evil Pitch, who is making children's lives miserable.
  • U - Nativity 2: Danger in The Manger - November
    British comedy starring David Tennant and Joanna Page,
  • PG - Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted - October
    The central characters in this children's animated comedy, have decided to pack their African trunks and head to New York, via Europe - but not without some adventures on the way.
  • PG - Hotel Transylvania - October
    Hotel Transylvania is just for monsters, where they can hide from the cruel humans! Animated family comedy, which shouldn't really scare the kids!
  • PG - Paranorman - September
    Animated family comedy in 2D and 3D with Norman, the child who prefers the company of the 'dead', is the only one how can save the town from an invasion of Zombies.
  • U - Diary of a Wimpy Kids: Dogs Days - August
    Wimpy Greg returns for a third time and spends a humiliating summer enduring mishap after mishap. Family comedy.
  • PG - Brave - August
    From Disney Pixar the story of headstrong Scottish Princess Merida, who defies convention and inadvertantly unleashes chaos on her kingdom.
  • U - The Lorax- July
    Based on Dr Seuss's children's book, The Lorax is brought to the big screen to entertain all the family, starring Danny De Vito
  • 12A - The Dark Knight Rises- July
    As the evil Bane declares war on Gotham City, Batman has to return for the final countdown. Exciting family film.
  • U- ICE AGE 4: Continental Drift - July
    Children's animated movie, also in 3D with the return of lovable Manny, Diego and Sid.
  • 12A - The Amazing Spiderman - July
    Peter Parker finally unravels the secret of his alter ego, Spiderman. Summer family blockbuster.
  • 12A - Snow White and the Huntsman - June
    Action adventure with plenty of thrilling effects in the reworking of this classic fairytale, stars a whole host of British actors as the dwarves. Good Family Fun
  • U - Top Cat: The Movie - June
    TC finally hits the big screen after 50 years, to entertain a whole new audience. A true family film which will appeal to grandparents and grandkids, as Top cAt and his band of alley cats try to outwit PC Dibble and his successor Chief Strickland
  • 12A - Moonrise Kingdom- May
    Starring Bruce Willis and a host of stars in the search for 2 young kids who run away together into the wilderness as a huge storm is brewing.
  • PG - Men in Black 3 - May
    Agents J and K are back with another fun family film and whole new cast of quirky Aliens to monitor, plus travelling back in time to avert the death of Agent K. Starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.
  • U - Beauty and the Beast 3D  - May
    Another well loved children's film given the full 3D treatment, which means a whole new generation get to see classic Disney films remastered.
  • 12A - Dark Shadows - May
    Johnny Dep stars in this gothic comedy as a very handsome vampire who returns in 1972
  • 12A - Marvels Avengers Assemble - May
    Family lblockbuster action film which brings together all the Marvel Comic Heroes - The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America to fight Loki who intents to take over the world - great film for kids of all ages.
  • 12A - The Hunger Games - April
    Futuristic film, based on the children's best selling books, where poorer kids battle to the death in a televised reality contest.
  • U - Pirates: In An Adventure With Scientists - April
    Children's animated comedy from the makers of Wallace and Gromit. Can the pirates win the Pirate of the Year? they're up against some unscrupulous opponents.
  • PG - Mirror Mirror - April
    Kids comedy film with Snow White brought up to date with Julie Roberts as the evil queen.
  • PG - Streetdance2 - March
    Following on from the hit UK move, the search for the best Street dancers goes worldwide.
  • 12A - Wrath of The Titans - March
    Blockbuster family movie as the Titans battle against the Gods in the ultimate showdown.
  • PG - We Bought A Zoo - March
    Heartwarming true life story about a single dad who unwittingly moves his family to the country, and discovers he's bought a zoo.
  • 12A - 2D  John Carter - March
    Famiy sci-fi action film set on Mars, with hero John Carter  leading his people to victory.
  • 12A - Chronicle - February
    Three, irresposible teenagers aquire super powers. At first they have fun but soon events take a sinister turn.
  • U -The Muppets -3D - February
    12 years later and the famous Muppet Palace Theatre is about to be demolished, cue Walter, Gary and Mary trying to save it from the evil landlord with a plan to reunite the Muppets with a TV Telehon - kids family film
  • PG - Jack and Jill - February
    Adam Sandler plays twin rolls as a family man and his scary twin sister. Laugh a minute comedy!
  • 12A -Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance -3D - February
    Nicholas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze on a crusade to save Danny from the Devil. Spectacular action movie.
  • 12A - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close - February
    Moving family drama starring Tom Hanks. When Oskar's dad dies he continues to solve the last puzzle his father left, a game they enjoyed whilst he was alive.
  • U - 3D Star Wars: Episode 1 - February
    The Star Wars film remastered in spectacular 3D
  • Journey2: The Mysterious Island 3D- FebruaryPrehistoric adventure starring Sean Anderson, from Journey To The Centre Of The Earth.  Family action move, great for kids of alll ages.
  • U - Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - January
    Join Alvin and the Chipmunks on a luxury cruise - where it all goes wrong!
  • U - Hugo - 2D and 3D - December
    Kids family movie from Martin Scorsese, Hugo lives secretly in a train station and has to solve they mystery his late father left him.
  • U - 3D Arthur Christmas - November
    First of the major family Christmas films. How does Santa manage to visit all the children? Easy he has 18 million elves.
  • PG - The Adventures of TinTin - November
    Secret Of The Unicorn. All time kids favourite, quiffed hero, TinTin searches for hidden treasure - a Steven Spielberg aminated film.
  • PG -Johnny English - Reborn - October
    Hapless spy, Rowan Atkinson in another zany, family adventure film 
  • 3D - The Lion King - October
    Children's favourite film, The Lion King, gets the 3D treatment
  • U -The Smurfs - August
    A blast from the past - The Smurfs are introduced to a new children's audience. The lovable (or irritating!) blue characters are stranded in New York's Central Park and have to find their way back home - kids 3D movie.
  • PG - SPY KIDS: All The Time In The World - August
    Great holiday movie for all the family, Spy Kids is an action adventure involving an ex-superspy taking on a super villain
    with the help of some cook kids.
  • 12A - Cowboys and Aliens - August
    Starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford a lone cowboy holds the key to winning the fight against Alien invaders.
  • 12A -Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes - August
    At last we get to know how the Apes became to rule the world and how they gained their super intelligence. 
  • U -The Smurfs - August
    A blast from the past - The Smurfs are introduced to a new children's audience. The lovable (or irritating!) blue characters are stranded in New York's Central Park and have to find their way back home - kids 3D movie.
  • 12A - Super 8 - August
    A group of kids witness a spectacular crash while filming a Super 8 zombie movie, they are soon involved in a town mystery - family blockbuster.
  • PG - Mr Popper's Penguins - August
    New York resident, Jim Carey, discovers he has inherited 6 penguins and the only solutions is to make his apartment into a livable habitat for them - much to the dismay of his neighbours - family comedy.
  • PG - Zookeeper - July
    Kevin James plays the hapless zookeeper who can't woo the love of his life because of his job. When he decides to leave the animals join
    forces to help him with his love life.
  • PG - Horrid Henry: The Movie - July
    Horrid Henry, the perpetual naughty schoolboy, pits his wits against horrible headmaster, Richard E Grant, in this 3D family movie.
  • 12A - Captain America: The First Avenger - July
    With the help of a super serum weedy Steve is transformed into Captain America to help thwart the HYDRA organizaton.
  • 12A - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - July
    This is the last in the Harry Potter movie series and is bound to be the hit of the summer.
  • U- CARS 2 - July
    The much awaited sequel to Cars. This time the action takes place in Europe and Japan as Lightning McQueen and his new friends
    become entangled in international espionage - excelent family movie.
  • 12A Transformers: Dark of The Moon - June
    The Autobots and Decepticons get ready to battle for the last time over a discovered Cybertronian Ship
  • 12A - The Green Lantern - June
    The police force of the Univers, the Green Lanterns, face a new enemy and need the help of human, Hal Jordan.
  • 12A - X-Men: First Class - June
    Back to the 60's and how it all began. The rift and subsequent bitter war between the X-Men and Magneto
  • PG - Kung Fu Panda 2 - June
    Po, Kung Fu Panda, now faces a new enemy, the dastardly albino peacock, Lord Shen. Family comedy animation, with
    old and new characters.
  • 12A - Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 - May
    Greg returns and is now suffering at the hands of his big brother. Family seque
  • 12A - Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides - May
    Jack Sparrow and crew are back, searching for the Fountain of Youth. Family comedy romp
  • 12A Thor - May
    3D movie of the Marvel comic hero, Thor, who is sent to earth as a punishment and is soon fighting an invasion lead by his evil brother.
  • 12A - Tomorrow When The War Began - April
    Smash hit Australian children's film - 8 teenagers are left to fight the foreign invasion of their home town.
  • U - Hop- April
    starring Russel Brand as EB, the wayward teenage son of the Easter Bunny, who heads off for adventures
  • PG - Mars Needs Moms 3d and 2D - April
    Young Milo has to beat the Martians and resue his Mom, and other mums. - great animation and family adventure film
  • U - Rio - 3D and 2D - April
    A couple or rare birds need to thwart nasty poachers with the help of their feathered friends. Family feel-good move.
  • PG - Rango- March
  • Who doesn't love a chameleon, especially with the voice of Johnny Depp - hilarious family comedy with some promising special effects.
  • U - Justin Bieber- February
    Girls will be swooning in the aisles as they watch Justin's rise to fame and see his backstage antics.
  • PG - Big Momma's House- February
    Like Father Like Son is the latest outing for this rip roaring comedy series
  • U - Yogi Bear- February
    Hard to believe that Yogi and Boo Boo are 50 years old and still causing mayhem in Jellystone Park. Family comedy from Warner Brothers.
  • U - Gnomeo and Juliet- February
    A home grown animated cartoon in 3D with the voices of James McAvoy and Emily Blunt and a host of well know British actors who bring Romeo and Juliet to the world of garden gnomes.
  • PG - Tangled- January
    The latest Disney block buster with a retelling of the Rapunzel story in glorious 3D. Bound to become a classic with great family entertainment, comedy and catchy songs
  • 12A - The Green Hornet- January
    Children's action comedy, starring Seth Rogen and Jay Chou, as unlikely masked heroes who take on the King of the city's underworld.
  • PG - Gullivers Travels- December
    Possibly the hit of the Christmas season with larger than life Jack Black, starring as Gulliver, who finds himself a giant in the land of the little people, Lilliput, based on the world famous children's story.
  • tbc - Arthur and The Revenge of Maltazard- December
    Children's animated adventure with the voice of Selena Gomez and Freddie Highmore. Can Arthur battle his arch enemy Malthazard and same the Minimoys?
  • U - Animals United 3D- December
    A rare kids animated film - made in the UK with the voices of British favourites, James Corden, Dawn French and Jim Broadbent. Set on the African Delta this is rolicking family film following the exploits of a friendly group of animals.
  • PG - 3D Tron Legacy- December
    A stunning sequel to the 1982 hit - now it's the son's turn to enter the digital world and try to save his father. Family adventure film with 3d special effects.
  • PG - Chronicles of Narnia- Voyage of the Dawn Treader- December
    Bound to be the must see family Christmas film - the continuing saga of Lucy's and Edmund's adventures in Narnia - this 3rd instalment finds them once again battling mystical creatures and meeting up with old friends.
  • PG - Megamind in 3d - November
    Megamind is a family animated Superhero comedy film - with the voices of Will Ferrel and Brad Pitt - Megamind is a failed, wannabe super villain - will he become the good guy when a true super villain enters the fray?
  • 12A - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- November
    The long awaited Harry Potter film is now on general release - Harry is no longer a child and his battles become more perilous.
  • U - Alpha and Omega - October
  • Alpha and Omega are cute, animated, wolves at opposite ends of the pack, but form a strong bond when they are captured by rangers and have to make their way back home. Kids  comedy animated cartoon.
  • U - Despicable Me 3D- October
    Family animated comedy with the voices of Steve Carell, Russel Brand and Julie Andrews. Gru, devious and horrible, is planning the worlds biggest crime, untill 3 little girls show him a better side of life.
  • 12A - The Hole 3D- September.
    A supernatural 3D film for the whole family to enjoy. Brothers, Dane and Lucas, discover a trapdoor in their new home, which houses a 'bottomless' hole, from which paranormal forces escape.
  • U - Tinkerbell And The Great Fairy Rescue- YOUTUBE.
    Tinkebell, everyone's favourite fairy, makes an appearance at the bottom of Elizabeth's garden, and resolves to help her, much to the horror of her fairy friends in Pixie Hollow!
  • PG -The Last Airbender-
    With explosive special effects, a family film based on the successful TV series. Air, Water, Earth and Fire young Aang discovers he has the powers to manipulate them all in his quest for good over evil - BUY & WATCH FROM YOUTUBE