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Kids Healthy Eating

Additives and Sugar

Feeding children is not the easiest thing in the world. 
What they want - sweets, sugary snacks, additive laden fizzy drinks, fast junk food is the easy option.

Getting them to eat healthy kids meals, additive free and sugar free snacks can be difficult 
and time consuming - but ultimately worth it. Starting them early with a variety of good, wholesome food is the best way.

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Kids Healthy Meals and Family Recipes

  • School Food Trust - with the slogan Eat Better Do Better their intention is to transform school meals and promote healthy eating for all children. Also has some great ideas for packed lunches - click here
  • Feed Me Better - Jamie Oliver's much needed campaign to get our schools to feed our kids better!   Good healthy nutrition is the foundation for good behaviour - it's unbelievable that some schools don't utilize - see how you can help
  • 5 A Day - information on how to get those essential '5 a day' fruit and vet portions. Healthy eating for the family, portion sizes, ideas on how to get teenagers to take part.
  • BBC - children and food - good advice and kids recipes
  • Childhood Obesity Fact Sheet - BUPA - information on maintaining a healthy weight
  • Keep Kids Healthy  - Nutrition - US based site but plenty of good information on children's nutrition and healthy eating
  • All Recipes (USA) - all types of kids meals
  • Babylicious - real food for babies made from the finest ingredients
  • Baby Spoon - subscription site but some free children's recipes

Family & Kids Recipes

Organic Food

Vegetarians and Children

Children's Nutrition - Help and Advice


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